четверг, 30 января 2014 г.

I Want to Blog My Heart

BYH // via www.stephaniehowell.com Today I've decided to link up with Stephany Howell's Blog Your Hear.
 I am happy! I know that and I feel that. I have a wonderful family, I love my husband, I have two adorable daughters, my parents are healthy, I have everyting for a comfortable life. Yet I feel fear. I say "l'm afraid" too often. My biggest fear is for my girls. I understand that I will not be there for them all the time, I understand they might get hurt. And my heart aches at this thought. And there are thousands of smaller fears. When something unexpected happens during the day, or something goes out of my control, or changes, this awful distructive feeling creeps into my heart. I hate it and I'd wish I could get rid of it. It it my enemy who does not let me fully enjoy every moment. But every time I see people who are sick, lonely, who lose people they love I realise how our happiness is fragile.  And when my husband asks me "why are you always afraid of everyting" I say "because I am HAPPY".

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  1. Оо, я тоже постоянно боюсь, что все изменится или что-то произойдет с близкими. Пойду посмотрю ссылку

    1. Да, Полин, мне, наверное, тоже следовало бы взять для себя слово Смелей на этот год. Но я подумала, что бороться мне с моими страхами не год, и не два, а всю жизнь :)

  2. fear is a poison isn't it? hoping you feel complete JOY and less fear! xoxo

  3. i used to think that my fear could actually in some small way keep bad things from happening but it does not. 4 months ago i lost my husband to cancer. our happy life on the farm raising two daughters came to a sudden halt. i can only say this, what is to be will be but fear is a thief of time and energy. i know it is hard to let ago of an emotion that feels safe and logical but try. try to just feel joy that comes from you present in the life you lead.
    i joined with stephanie's post. my blog is black ink paperie.

  4. Your last sentence is so true - we fear being happy because it seems too good to be true, like the bottom will fall out, like it won't last. But in the meantime, it keeps you from being happy. Choose joy! And then handle the tragedies when they come as you count your other blessings.

  5. Hi! Привет! Yes, it's easy to fear that bad things will happen. Maybe sometimes things seem "too good to last." But I hope that, for you, happiness will last and last. Good luck!